Server Updates: 1/21-1/29

Server Updates: 1/21-1/29

The time has come to make some server side improvements to website. Due to our user growth and the increase in items added to the catalog the current web server is reaching its limits. Over the course of the next two weeks I will be making some changes to the server and implementing some caching to help squeeze some performance out of the current server. None of these changes require any downtime but, should things go drastically wrong a server reboot might be unexpectedly required.

Until these updates are made I am going to pause adding new items to the catalog and only continue with item updates for the interim.

Should you experience any issues on both our website and using our plugin you can contact support.


GPL Cellar Plugin version 3.2.4

Attention: When updating the GPL Cellar plugin to version 3.2.4 or later, this will require you to reactivate your GPL Cellar plugin’s license. 3.2.4 has

New Version: GPL Cellar Plugin 2.3.0

Announcing version 2.3.0 of our plugin. This version is a step closer to making performance improvements for both the plugin on your server and the

Server Upgraded: January 25, 2021

I had to perform an emergency upgrade on the server today. The last couple of days the web server was getting slowed down by

New Promotions

We are pleased to announce a brand new page called Promotions, where we will list all of the promotions and coupon codes available. These promotions

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