White Label: How to relabel our plugin for your agency

For customers who purchased our Agency Plan you have the ability to rebrand the gplcellar plugin to use your own naming and logos. This is great if you have your own clients using WordPress and you want to change the GPL Cellar name and the plugin meta data to make it look like our plugin came from you.

The downside to the above approach is you must upload the gplcellar plugin to the client site, activate it using your gplcellar API/License Key, then enter in your White Label settings in the form above for the rebranded settings to take effect.

New White Label Configs version 3.4.0

Since GPLCellar plugin version 3.4.0, you can now create a config file for the gplcellar plugin with all of your rebrand settings. When you activate the gplcellar plugin within the WordPress plugins dashboard, your gpl cellar plugin will automatically be activated and rebranded using the values supplied in your config file.

Config File Settings

File location

Add your config settings to the following file. Create this path if it doesn’t exist and ensure files permissions are 644 and folder permissions are 755.


NOTE: As of GPL Cellar version 3.5.0 you can include this config file inside the gplcellar folder inside of the zip file and our plugin will copy this file over to the gplcellar_backups directory.

Copy and paste this into your config.php file and change the settings to your own values.


return [
  'PRODUCT_ID' => '6463',
  'AGENCY_NAME' => 'GPL Reseller',
  'AGENCY_URL' => 'https://example.com',
  'PLUGIN_NAME' => 'Your Marketing Agency',
  'PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION' => 'Our rebranded plugin for our client website.',
  'PLUGIN_LOGO_URL' => '',
  'PLUGIN_ICON_URL' => '',

About Config Settings

  • API_KEY – This is your gpl cellar api key associated with your Agency plan
  • PRODUCT_ID – The Agency Plan’s product ID. Typically 6463.
  • AGENCY_NAME – Your Agency’s name or some other organization.
  • AGENCY_URL – The URL to your agency.
  • PLUGIN_NAME – What you want to name/rebrand this plugin as.
  • PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION – A description about your plugin.
  • PLUGIN_LOGO_URL – Link to your plugin’s logo. Dimensions should be around: 192×48
  • PLUGIN_ICON_URL – A WordPress menu icon. This is what WordPress will use as its menu item for your plugin.
  • WHITE_LABEL_ENABLED – Set to true to enable, or false to turn off.

When you activate your GPL Cellar plugin your it will automatically try to activate your api key with our servers. If you specify the other settings and have WHITE_LABEL_ENABLED set to true then gplcellar will use these values.

Override Main Plugin File (Optional)

You can also edit the main gplcellar plugin file in plugin zip file:


Changing these values with your own brand’s information.

 * Plugin Name: GPL Cellar
 * Plugin URI: https://www.gplcellar.com
 * Description: WordPress Plugin & Theme Manager - Access thousands of WordPress plugins and themes through GPL Cellar
 * Version: 3.5.0
 * Tested up to: 6.4.3
 * Author: GPL Cellar
 * Author URI: https://www.gplcellar.com

Final Results

What you end up is something like this inside your WordPress Plugins dashboard. Your plugin’s menu name is now called “Your Marketing Agency” and it has it’s own plugin description, author, and links back to your website.