Widgets On Menu – Addon For Extended Widget Options Plugin

Widgets On Menu – Addon For Extended Widget Options Plugin

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Extends widget display and functionalities to your navigation menu.

Easily create mega menu on your WordPress sites by extending widgets functionalities.

Why use Widgets on WordPress Mega Menu?

The main reason to use WordPress widgets on mega menu is because it’s a default core feature that you can totally extend and customize. Everything you need can be created using widgets, plus there are always a widget plugins available for several functionalities you’ll be needing. Just go ahead on plugin repository and you’ll definitely find everything you need.

Extending Widgets on Menu plus Widget Options capabilities definitely take your widget usage to the next level! You won’t be needing heavy mega menu plugin since this add-on fully rely on theme’s dropdown menu feature. No extra javascript file will be loaded, thus not adding extra loading time for external files. Customization is also available on each widgets via Widget Options! You’ll also have full control for each widgets visibility!

Easily add custom mega menu on your site, no extra steps needed! Totally beginner ready since it’s using both widgets and menu core features, no need to complicate yourself.


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