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FluentCRM is the best and complete feature-rich Email Marketing & CRM solution. It is also the simplest and fastest CRM and Marketing Plugin on WordPress. Manage your customer relationships, build your email lists, send email campaigns, build funnels, and make more profit and increase your conversion rates. (Yes, It’s Free!)


???? Customer relationship management (CRM)

Store all your customer information in a central place.
Automatically import your contacts from CSV/WP Users/WooCommerce customers and view them in a central place.
Know and analyze every bit of information about your contact. FluentCRM will show all the relevant data from WooCommerce, EDD, LearnDash, LifterLMS, and give you a better visibility.
Track every marketing emails by Contact level
Store Notes, Meeting logs, Calls in the contact profile
Segment your contacts by Lists, Tags and filter for your appropriate target.

???? Contact Segmentation and Reporting

Create Tags/Lists as many as you want and assign your contacts to your appropriate segment
Filter or search your customers by List or Tags
Send Marketing emails by including tags or lists and even excluding some contacts that are not intended to get a specific campaign email.
Collect and Manage unlimited contacts and leads

???? Email Marketing Campaigns

Save and Store all your pre-written email copies in a central place and use that whenever you want.
Build beautiful email body using excellent email builder powered by Block Editor.
Add Columns/images or dynamic content and make the email as simple or just fancy, Just based on your customer’s taste.
Use Dynamic Smart code like contact name or the country in your email or subject to personalize the experience.
Send or Schedule emails at a future date and time, and you are ready to go.
See in details reporting about the open rate, click rate
See which links are clicks or which contacts opened your links
Also, Send unlimited emails. (No Restriction)

???? Marketing Funnel Builder

Design high converting customer journey with FluentCRM’s Powerful funnel builder.
Integrated with your favorite WordPress plugins.
Start funnel sequences from different user actions like sign up, form submission, product purchase, LMS course enrollment.
Build a simple funnel, like collecting contact to selling your paid products
Automate your full marketing steps and give your customers a personal touch with our timely actions and responses.
Measure funnel metrics in every step and find where you can do better.

???? Integrated Optin Forms

Create and use optin forms right from FluentCRM, and for more advanced forms, use FluentForms (Totally Free) to collect your leads.
Use forms with your Funnel builder as a trigger and automate your post form submission.
Segment your users based on different form submissions or submitted data.


View your full business insight right from the FluentCRM dashboard by using graphs, charts, data widgets
Track every marketing emails and get in-details metrics
View all the data points of your customers from Purchase History, Support tickets to the offline phone call using activity logs.
Integrate and use with other plugins like WooCommerce, EDD, LifterLMS, LearnDash, AffiliateWP, Paid Membership Pro, FluentForms, WPFusion, and many more coming.

???? Other Features (But not least)

Turn your WordPress post commenters into Subscribers
Double Optin feature for getting quality leads
Automatically make your WordPress users as your subscribers
Manage and customize your email footer, Subscription Preference.
Find our why your contacts are unsubscribing


FluentCRM is a self-hosted WordPress plugin. You own your data, and no external SAAS connection is required to run your CRM system with FluentCRM. You can enable a consent checkbox as well as use double-optin. If you already have customers or users in WordPress, then maybe it’s already consented, so no separate double opt-in is required.


Build with VueJS and REST API as Single-page Application
Super fast and lean interface so anyone can use it without any learning curve
Super awesome Dashboard with charts, graphs, essential data points to show your full business overview.
Integrated Email Marketing analytics to see the conversion rates.
Developer Ready: Find the source code in github and explore the PHP API and action hooks and extend.
Setup your CRM in less than 2 minutes with our powerful Welcome Wizard
Mail Deliverability: Send 100 emails or 50,000 emails. You are covered. With a powerful email sending mechanism, FluentCRM will send your emails and track those and report back to you.


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