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Manage events, sell tickets, and receive payments from your WordPress website. Reduce event administration time, cut-out ticketing fees, and own your customer data.


Easy Event Management

Event managers can control every aspect of their event–or automate it all–to make their event registration fit their situation, be successful and profitable.

Multiple Ticket and Pricing Options Multiple Ticket and Pricing Options

Create as many different types of tickets as you need and set prices, ticket quantity limits, and much more!

Multiple Attendee Registration Multiple Attendee and Group Registration

Want more people at your events? Make it easy for one person to register multiple attendees or attendees at the same time during the same checkout.

Multiple Dates and Times Per Event

In , events can have many dates and times (datetimes) and you manage those datetimes from one single event.

Smart Single Page Checkout

The new checkout process is faster and more intuitive than ever.

Ticket Selector (Pricing Option Selector)

Choose one ticket or choose them all, either way we’ll tell you all about each ticket.

WYSIWYG Editor Event Registration Forms

The key to giving customers a great experience is gathering information from them so you are prepared. Easily collect all the data you need with a custom event registration form on your website.

GDPR Compliant

Events are personal, and with Event Espresso you have the features and control to easily comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customized Confirmation Emails Custom Confirmation Emails

We make communicating with attendees easy with automated registration and payment confirmation emails.

Collect Payments Collect Payments

Integration with payment gateways allow you to collect money to cover the cost of organizing events before they start.

Invoice Payment Reminders Invoice Payments

Receive event registrations using your WordPress website and let your attendees pay offline for their registrations with invoices.

Check Payments

Take event registrations using your WordPress website and let your attendees pay offline for their registrations with checks.

Bank Transfer Payments

Get event registrations using your WordPress website and let your attendees pay offline for their registrations through bank transfers.

Authorize.net AIM Payment Gateway

Receive credit and debit card payments for your event registrations using our event registration plugin and Authorize.NET.

PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway

Receive online payments for your event registrations using our event registration plugin and PayPal.

PayPal Website Payments Pro Payment Gateway

Get online payments with credit cards and debit cards for your event registrations using our event registration plugin and PayPal Website Payments Pro.

Download a List of Attendees or Check-in Online

Generate a list of attendees who have registered or purchased tickets and check-in online those who attend for record keeping.

Ticket Scanning & Attendance Tracking Mobile Apps

Impress your boss and attendees by moving your event registration and ticketing management into the digital age. With the Event Espresso mobile ticket scanning system you can validate tickets and track attendees.

WordPress Event Calendar Events Calendar

People often schedule themselves on a calendar, so make it easy for attendees to find your events and add them to their own schedule.

Promotional Codes & Discounts Promotional Codes & Discounts

Incentives are important to selling-out an event within a certain timeline, or helping encourage people to attend that are more price-sensitive.

Manual Registration Manually Add Attendees and Registrations

Quickly register attendees for the event when they show up at the door, email or send in paper event registration form.

Ticketless Events

List events without the requirement for attendees to select tickets. Use Event Espresso for any type of event, not only when tickets are for sale.

Pre-approval Admin Pre-approval

Be selective about who can register for your events.

Customizable Event Designs Customize-able Event Designs

Use our template options and parts, HTML or CSS to make your events and registration pages look and feel just like the rest of your website; it’s limitless.

Tax Administration

gives you several ways to administer taxes for your event and report those fees to registrants who purchase tickets. Event managers can administer taxes globally and on a per-ticket basis.

Pre-approval Restrict Access

Event Espresso version 4.5.0+, includes 100+ WordPress capabilities for restricting access to various actions and views in the Event Espresso admin.

Password Protected Events

Restrict access to your event detail pages and registration to only those with the correct password.

Event Posts Custom Post Types

Integrate Event Espresso into your theme and reuse attendee data as you would other post data.


The EE4 REST API is a simple but powerful way to interact with Event Espresso. By providing an agreed, standardized programmatic interface between Event Espresso and the outside world, Event Espresso opens itself up to every other application and development environment on earth.

Google Maps

Location, location, location. Sometimes where your event is held is a selling point, and we make it easy for you to showcase your awesome location.

WordPress Event Calendar iCal Download Links

provides one-way integration with iCal-compatible calendars, including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Default Prices

Create events fast by pre-configuring default prices to automatically be added to the default ticket.

Event Espresso Community Contact Profiles & Contact List

It’s invaluable to know who your customers are and how you’ve done business together.

Default Price Types

Price types allow you to create new prices that adjust the default ticket (base) price for your system-default ticket.

In-app Documentation

The best in-app documentation—and documentation systems—available for any event plugin.

Public Commenting

Events are inherently social and—now more than ever—it’s important to create ways for people to share and collect feedback about your events.

Private Comments on Contacts

Keep notes about a contact on their profile to help give them the best experience possible.

Event RSS Feeds

Automatically update your readers with our built-in XML RSS events feed.

Keyword Rich URLs

Keyword rich url event pages is just one of the innovative things we do to help attendees find your events.

Draft (status) Events

Draft events allow you to build your event page over time without publishing it to your website.

Optimized for WordPress 3.8+

More beautiful and responsive event management!

Object-oriented Programming

A logical and modular software design that is ripe for extension and customization.

Hooks, Actions and Filters

Use hooks to make safe and reliable customizations.

Define Extra Meta Information

For the developers who love more control and options, you’ve got extra post meta available.

Maintenance Mode

Pause registration capabilities for regular website traffic when you need to perform maintenance on your website.

Metabox Management and Reorganization

Organize each Event Espresso page to match your workflow.

Full Logging, Remote Logging

Generate a log file with debugging data which can be useful for developers who are troubleshooting.

Spam Protection Spam Protection

Reduce the risk that spammers and robots making fake registration by using reCAPTCHA to validate human activity.

25+ Languages

Event Espresso is being translated into more than 25 languages and more are added all the time.

Own Your Data Own Your Data

Collect, control and own all the information you acquire from event attendees–for free. It’s your data and we believe you should have control of it.

Default Tickets

Set commonly-configured tickets to automatically be created by default with each new event.

Event Espresso Community A Community of Event Experts

Social networking is only about getting ACCESS to connections. Networking is about ENGAGING with others that can help you achieve your goals. The Event Espresso community is full of experienced event managers, programmers, designers, marketers, and businesses who can help you succeed.

Social Sharing Social Sharing

Help your attendees spread the word about your event by displaying social media sharing buttons, if you don’t ask they won’t share.

Invoice Payment Reminders Invoice Payment Reminders

Maximize your revenue opportunities and follow-up with a personalized invoice to potential attendees who have not fully paid for their admission.

Categorize Events Categorize Events

Organize your events to make it easy for attendees to find the perfect events, then use the categories again to suggest new events.

Event Posts Event Posts

Easily publicize your events by publishing events and having pages or posts automatically created at the same time.

Transaction Reporting Transaction Reporting

It’s important to stay informed about the progress of the number of people who have registered and how much money you’ve collected.

Waiting Lists Waiting lists

Never miss an opportunity to fill your event; have the confidence to add capacity.

Your Organization Settings

Your organization’s profile makes it easier to manage events.

Country Settings

Cater your registration and transactions to the countries, states and provinces where you host events.

WordPress Venue Manager Venue Manager

Sometimes the location is an attraction to attend; might as well flaunt it by setting up and reusing venue profiles for multiple events or displaying all the events for a given venue.

Accurate Attendee Manager

Maintain control of your attendee details; who has registered, for what event, how much they paid and communicate with them individually or collectively.


Quickly and easily add photos and stylize your event descriptions just like you’ve always done with the standard WordPress tools.


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