BNFW – Conditional Notifications Add-on

BNFW – Conditional Notifications Add-on

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This add-on adds a number of conditional elements to your BNFW notifications.

With this add-on you can:

  • Limit notifications depending on which categories, tags, post formats, or terms you choose. You can select one or multiple of these too.
  • Set-up customised ‘User Role Changed – For Admin’ and ‘User Role Changed – For User’ notifications when users move between two roles that you specify. E.g. You can set-up a notification when a user moves from the ‘Subscriber’ to ‘Author’ user role and make it different to the notification you use when a user moves from a custom user role, such as ‘Silver Member’ to ‘Gold Member’.
  • Customise the ‘User Registration – For User’ notification and make it different for each user role.

The notifications you can use this add-on with are:

  • New Comment / Awaiting Moderation (Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types)
  • New Trackback
  • New Pingback
  • Comment Reply (Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types)
  • New Post / Page / Custom Post Type Published
  • Post / Page / Custom Post Type Updated
  • Post / Page / Custom Post Type Pending Review
  • Post / Page / Custom Post Type Scheduled
  • New User Registration – For User
  • User Role Changed – For Admin
  • User Role Changed – For User

It also works great with these other Premium BNFW add-ons too:

  • Custom Fields add-on
  • Reminders add-on

Note: Better Notifications For WordPress Plugin is required to use this add-on which is available for free on the WordPress repository.


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