Animatic – Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

Animatic – Advanced Wordpress Frontend Animator

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Animatic WordPress Plugin is used for animating stuff, not for lay-outing your content. It is not a page builder. Animatic adds an Edit Animations button in your frontend. Clicking on that will bring up the easy to use and intuitive Animatic Panel. Using Animatic to layout your content may create weird results in small screens.

Animatic WordPress Plugin Features

  • Create complex & layered animations composed of multiple images,
  • Integrates right into the Media Manager for easy image placement for animating,
  • Live frontend editing using the Animatic Panel,
  • Very easy to use and intuitive controls,
  • 50+ Animations & transitions,
  • Change values using your mouse,
  • Hardware accelerated animations,
  • Bonus: includes the Animatic Visual Composer element


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