Alyeska – Responsive WordPress Theme

Alyeska – Responsive Wordpress Theme

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Alyeska has all the professional touches you’d require in a WordPress theme along all the personal ones, as well – I’ve even named this theme after the mountain I grew up shredding as a kid in Alaska. Alyeska all the way down through the Theme Blvd Framework at the core, has been carefully built around the modern era of responsive web design. With complete WordPress Customizer support, just the right amount of Alyeska Options, and logical default values, you’ll be sure to have a unique site that stands out above the rest, without having to sift through an endless abyss of configuration.

Alyeska WordPress Theme Features

  • Quick installation
  • Layout builder
  • Custom sliders
  • Sidebar Layout
  • Portfolios
  • Post lists and grids


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